In the last segment, we talked about how managers can increase employee motivation, which is critical for keeping productivity high and turnover low. However, every team member has an impact on workplace morale and can motivate one another. This is important whether you are leading a team, or just want to enjoy coming into work a little more.

Keep in mind these three techniques, which can help you be more of a team player in the office.

Be collaborative

Working directly with people is a good way to keep motivation and productivity high. By talking through your thinking and bouncing ideas off of one another, you can greatly improve the quality of your final work product – which will have everyone feeling proud and successful at the end of the day. It is also important to determine things like milestones and due dates with one another. This helps ensure that everyone feels as though their voice is heard and can also keep the full team accountable throughout the project.

Be appreciative

This is something that we mentioned in last week’s segment as well, but it is worth repeating because it is so important. Recognizing the small wins and efforts of your coworkers – maybe with a team shout out or some cookies – makes a huge difference. It tells someone that you see and value them, which can greatly impact workplace morale. This is the sort of thing that is often paid forward, as well. When someone feels appreciated, they will usually go on to spread the love. To that end, it is important to celebrate team wins, too. In the long term, this can help create stronger interpersonal relationships and better communication.

Be respectful

Obviously, everyone is different. It is important to understand that some of your colleagues may work differently than you. You need to be respectful of their time and process. This means not wasting tons of time with unnecessary meetings, and it also means not micromanaging. If someone feels like their time or skills are being disrespected, they are likely to quickly lose motivation. By being respectful of how someone works, you tell them that you trust them to do a good job in their own way.

It is natural for teams to run into hurdles or fall into a rut – but by continuing to be collaborative, appreciative, and respectful, you can help keep motivation high across your team.


Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash