The Velocity Difference

We are often asked what makes us different. What separates Velocity Search Group from other search and placement firms? If you think all staffing firms are the same and don’t care about relationships don’t hire us.

If you want a valued partner here are some things that we believe sets us apart from the rest.

– Our Proven 6-Step Success Process
– We Adhere to the FILL methodology allowing for market mastery
– We Live by Recruiting’s Golden Rule

Our proven 6-step success process


In depth analysis of position specifications, careful gathering of requirements with a “Value“ focused, results oriented experience which effectively sells company attributes, so the most successful candidate is secured.


Strategic planning for the most effective means for sourcing target candidates. Extensive integration of industry resources, virtual communities, magazines and proven cold calling approaches.


Supported by an extensive database of candidates and companies, potential candidates are actively sought from direct competitors and parallel industries located locally, regionally or nationally.


The most important step in the process. Combining behavioral and targeted interviewing techniques, clients are ensured that the candidates presented possess all necessary as well as many desired skills.


Complete and honest feedback coupled with tailored advice during the entire interview process, thus ensuring a smooth and seamless hiring process.


Consultation and negotiation of all elements surrounding an employment offer. “Hands-on” involvement to ensure that the candidate identified gets hired and stays hired, and performs well within the company.

We Adhere to the FILL methodology to attain market mastery within our space

What is Fill?

Functional Expertise: Understanding the roles and career paths within Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and Application Development.

Industry focus: An understanding of the various segments of how the business world uses the roles we fill (from financial industries, to Sports/Entertainment/ Music)

Location: All Primary and Secondary Markets within the NYC Metro Area, the state of Florida and the St. Louis Metro Areas (Commercial and Public Sectors)

Level: From Senior Management to Individual Contributor

We Live by Recruiting’s Golden Rule

You will never see a candidate from us that doesn’t meet all three of these criteria simultaneously.

  1.  The candidate will have a minimum of 80% of the skills you outline
  2. The candidate will be motivated by more than just money
  3. The candidate will be willing to accept the salary YOU specify

Our average recruiting cycle goal from assignment to accepted offer is less than 40 days

An emphasis on fit – over 73% of candidates placed four years ago are still with the client company.

We offer a 3-year replacement program

If we sound like a different kind of Search and Placement Company it’s because we are. Velocity Search Group would like to speak to you.