In the past, the cybersecurity field has resisted the move toward remote workers more than other industries. From cost efficiency to social distancing, the ongoing pandemic has made it harder to ignore the benefits of remote workers. Here are some of the most notable advantages of having a remote security workforce.

Access to Better and More Diverse Talent

The demand for cybersecurity talent keeps getting higher as businesses become increasingly digitalized. Traditionally, companies limited their hiring to people who live within a reasonable commute from the work site over professionals willing to relocate for work. Having a remote security workforce enables companies to reach a larger volume of security talent, allowing them to put together more competent and more diverse security teams.

Reduced Business Costs

One thing many businesses don’t realize until they start working with remote employees is how much it costs to support on-site teams. With remote teams, you save money on equipment, office supplies, real estate, and more. In many cases, companies can easily save $10,000 a year per each remote worker they hire, even if the employees only work from home part time. On a larger scale, this translates into a substantial reduction of annual business costs.

Better Response to Natural Disasters and Health Crises

This past year has shown how few companies were actually prepared to cope with unexpected disasters. Companies that already had the infrastructure to employ and support remote workers adapted to the pandemic better than most. Firms who have a remote security workplace can respond more quickly to health crises and other disasters because their operations are inherently flexible. They have the tools they need set up to work from anywhere, know how to collaborate from a safe distance, and more.

Higher Rates of Retention

Most of the best talent in cybersecurity want the ability to work remotely, at least part-time. Telecommuting opportunities, in fact, are one of the most sought-after job perks candidates look for. On average, remote employees experience higher job satisfaction than employees who work on-site and are more likely to commit to a job long-term. Over time, having a remote security workforce reduces the time and money spent on hiring employees.

Remote security teams offer companies many benefits over traditional office workers. Remote employees save firms money on office expenses and hiring expenses, increase access to higher quality and more diverse candidates, and allow companies to respond more quickly to emergencies.


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