Sourcing, demand, and effectively hiring cybersecurity professionals remains a challenging practice. However, onboarding new cybersecurity hires plays an integral role in their subsequent performance and success with your company. A well-planned and implemented onboarding process also helps you retain employees for the long haul.

In a nutshell, your business should take a suitable approach when onboarding the next batch of cybersecurity hires. Some best practices for cybersecurity leaders can help amp up the hiring efforts and improve onboarding for cybersecurity talent.

3 Proven Strategies To Improve Onboarding For Cybersecurity Talent

Execute the following strategies to prepare new hires for their respective roles while improving the onboarding of cybersecurity talent.

Implement A Two-Tiered Approach

Onboarding new cybersecurity hires becomes more effective and successful when you implement a two-tiered approach. It exposes the new employees to your company, its history, culture, and the executive team at an extensive scale. Also, this tier consists of typical HR tasks, such as signing up for organization insurance, payroll, and other benefits.

In addition, the new employees should also be introduced to their coworkers and managers and the information related to their job roles and responsibility. This will also include access to the company’s technical infrastructure and the procedures and standards of SecOps. Make sure you set achievable goals to make certain employees get productive as quickly as possible.

Managers Should Actively Participate In The Onboarding Process

A study found that employees feel 3.4x more convinced that their onboarding was effective when their managers took an active role. This survey findings make it critical for managers to remain involved during the onboarding process.

Also, it would help if you make sure that the new hires connect and engage with their colleagues quickly and efficiently. Engaging them in social activities and tasks outside the office can help you.

Longer Onboarding Processes Are More Successful

Some organizations only offer new hires a quick onboarding process. While pushing them to reach their true potential generally takes a year. So, bear this in mind while setting the initial goals for your employees—leverage both long-term and short-term targets to structure their onboarding process successfully. Annual reviews can also serve as a remarkable milestone to gauge their performance from day one.

Wrapping Up

Cybersecurity leaders must recognize that the onboarding program is critical to getting the new cybersecurity hires up and running. This will help ensure engagement, productivity, and risk management.

New hires who agree and know that they have a clear route for professional development are 3.5 times more likely to agree that their onboarding was exceptional.

This is because the new cybersecurity talent would want to know if they belong to your organization. You need to provide an immersive experience to your employees rather than just naming them.

And the way you onboard new cybersecurity hires can make a considerable difference between an engaged, productive workforce. Additionally, go through the exasperating and costly procedure of high employee turnover repeatedly.

Therefore, a solid employee onboarding program is critical to beginning a productive and healthy relationship with your new hires.

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