There are plenty of times people find themselves “stuck” in a conversation with someone that seems like it will never end. This article examines strategies to try when your time is being monopolized, that won’t make you seem rude.

Whether you just had an extremely interesting conversation with a possible new contact or a talk that was a laborious waste of time, the moment has come to end the discussion. You don’t want to seem impolite or indifferent, so what do you do? Try these suggestions for politely excusing yourself from conversations.

Introduce the Other Person to Someone you Know – Initiate the introduction between the person you are talking to and someone else you already know.  Once you invite a third person into the conversation, it will be easier to excuse yourself.

Ask them to Introduce you to Others – If you can’t find someone you know nearby, ask the person if they know someone who shares similar goals as you. This is perfect for networking events, since everyone is there for the same purpose – to meet new people.

Ask for the Person’s Card – Asking for the person’s business card is a pretty obvious and direct way to end a conversation. When it is handed to you, look at it, tell them it was nice meeting them and thank them for their time.

Ask for their Social Media Contact – If the person doesn’t have a business card, ask if you can connect with them on Linkedin or some other social media platform. Let them know it was good meeting and talking with them and you look forward to staying in touch via the social media platform you exchanged.

Inquire if they will be at the Next Event – By asking if they will be at a future event and showing interest in continuing a conversation at a later time, you leave the door open for future connections. At the same time, you are giving a clear sign that it’s time to move on.

When you find your time being monopolized by an individual, it is helpful to have a few strategies ready to try. Remember, you don’t want to seem rude since your goal is to meet new people and establish beneficial relationships. The object is to politely excuse yourself without seeming disinterested.