In a time of a global pandemic when so much regarding our work and personal lives is unknown, it can seem impossible to create an environment of positivity. However, it is likely more important than ever. Studies have proven that optimistic leaders i.e., those who instill confidence and hope within their teams see more engaged and productive employees. As a result turnover rates tend to be lower which means less money spent on hiring and training. 

When you are dealing with the everyday challenges and stresses in the office focusing on creating an optimistic environment might seem like the last thing that your leadership should be spending their time on. However, keep in mind that general sentiment will make its way through the workplace culture. If your leadership is stressed and dissatisfied the rest of your employees will likely be as well. If your management tends to have a positive can-do attitude this will spread throughout the organization. 

Leading with optimism is not just about having a positive attitude. It is more of an inclusive mindset. Instead of trying to do everything themselves optimistic leaders look for opportunities to leverage the unique strengths of the individuals on the team. By nature, this affects how leaders communicate. 

Here are some key principles for ways that your management team can lead with optimism: 

Embrace challenges

Challenges are a fact of business and of life in general. Instead of shying away from a problem or set of constraints look at it as an opportunity to stretch your creative muscles. Instead of focusing on what you do not have focus on what you do. Doing so will create an environment of creative problem-solving. 

Focus on the positive

The most successful business people tend to be positive before they are negative. It can be easy to focus on all of the reasons why a particular idea will not work but resist this impulse! Instead of shooting something down right away look for the parts of the idea that really shine. By training your brain to reorder your thinking to focus first on the positive you will start to see new opportunities that you otherwise would not have. 

Welcome new ideas 

Remember that you do not have to solve every problem on your own. Invite in new perspectives and experiences that can contribute to a potential solution. When a challenge arises it should be discussed with the larger groups to brainstorm how it can potentially be handled. It helps to bounce ideas off of one another. This process in and of itself creates an inclusive environment where employees feel empowered and respected. 

When you lead with optimism you help create an environment that sees solutions instead of problems an environment that meets challenges with enthusiasm and creative problem-solving. As a result, your team will be stronger and more productive.


Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash