We all want to have our effort noticed especially when it comes time for the coveted raises and promotions. It makes sense that one way that many people will try to show their efforts will be through the time that they actually put in at the office. They get to work early, they stay late, they work through lunch. But is this the best strategy? What message is this actually sending when a manager sees that you are all but handcuffed to your desk? 

Working the most hours is not necessarily the fastest way up the ladder. Your manager (and colleagues) might notice that you are basically living in the office but this is not really what they are looking for. In fact, it might actually communicate that you are not particularly effective at your job otherwise, why would you require so much extra time to get everything you need to do? 

Here are a few things that really stand out to managers when they are thinking about who their star employees are: 

A team player. 

It can be tempting to try to stand out by doing things on your own and taking all of the credit. But it is a much more valuable skill to work well with others and share your accomplishments with your team. This demonstrates leadership and compatibility. 

Time management skills. 

Using your time wisely throughout the day helps you be more efficient and accomplish your work on time. Do not try to split your attention between a million different things; more often than not, the quality of each task will end up suffering. 

A positive attitude. 

Be someone who people actually want to work with. One of the best ways to get (positively) noticed is to be someone who raises company morale by encouraging and inspiring their teammates. 

Perhaps even important than being noticed for the right reasons is not being noticed for the wrong reasons. Managers will remember who is often late for work, calling out sick, or bringing down the office with their negative attitude. All of these things show that you lack professional maturity – which means that you are probably not the best choice for a raise or promotion. 

If you really want to increase your chances of moving up the ladder quickly focus on getting your work done efficiently, with a smile on your face, and while sharing your victories with others. If you are the first one in the office every day, and the last one to leave at night, chances are you are doing something wrong. 


Photo by Ethan Johnson on Unsplash