In the last installment of our productivity series, we talked about the importance of staying organized. As more companies are allowing employees to work remotely, this could mean that your office is at home, a coffee shop, or an exotic location. No matter where you are, make sure that your workspace is conducive to productivity.

More and more companies are beginning to embrace flexible work environments. Not only does this mean that employees can complete their tasks during hours that best fit their schedules, but also allows for working outside of the office.

When employees can work remotely, it means that they can have more control over their surrounding environments. This could include working from home to better take care of a child or aging parent, but it could also mean having the ability to travel or visit new places.

One of the ways that flexible work environments benefit overall productivity is by cutting down on commuting time. This can be a huge energy suck. Sitting in traffic or spending hours every day navigating public transit is exhausting. By the time employees get into the office, they are probably feeling stressed out and physically drained.

It is also important to realize that ideal working environments are different for everyone. While one person may want complete silence in a familiar environment, such as their home office, another person might thrive in busy coffee shops that they can switch up on a daily or weekly basis. The ability for individuals to choose what works best for them is beneficial to a healthy work-life balance.

But just having the ability to choose your work environment does not necessarily mean that it will increase your productivity. Some steps should be taken to make sure that your workspace – wherever it may be – is conducive to being focused and productive.

  • Few disruptions: The background hustle and bustle of a coffeeshop might distract one person and inspire another. This is something that comes down to individual preference. But either way, you must choose an environment where you will not be interrupted every few minutes by someone or something. If you do not want to work from home, libraries or coworking spaces can be excellent alternatives.
  • Background music: Having ambient music playing in the background can be an excellent way to stay focused on the task at hand. Additionally, classical music has been proven to boost performance and cognitive function. This includes improving focus, concentration, and even your mood.
  • An organized area: As we mentioned in the last installment of our productivity series, a clean and organized workspace is essential to increasing your efficiency and quality of work. Whether you decide to work from home or somewhere else, take the time to prioritize your tasks and make sure that your workspace is tidy.

There is no one type of work area that is conducive to productivity. As more and more companies are embracing the ability for employees to work remotely, you will need to consider the environment that works best for you and your workstyle.