To protect data and reduce cyberattacks, organizations need skilled professionals who can ensure the safety of computer networks and business information.

Data is generated and analyzed at a much faster pace than ever before. Moreover, there is a greater-than-ever need to safeguard it since many business processes now depend on the availability of this timely and relevant data.

An unending cyberattack stream that includes phishing, hackers, and ransomware attacks, is circling your vulnerability perimeter as we speak, creating a state of fear in the IT sector. This makes cybersecurity one of the hottest areas of IT, where professionals get paid well for a wide range of positions.

Here are some top cybersecurity job trends for 2022.

Outsource Security To MSPs

Managed service providers have proven their value since the Covid-19 outbreak. They enjoy double-digit progress every year, and you will continue to see this growth in the foreseeable future.

As per threat intelligence specialists, more businesses have identified the need for round-the-clock operations but won’t have the budget for full-time employees. This is where outsourcing to MSPs benefits an organization.

Skills Over Degree

Earlier, it was a prerequisite to get a computer science degree or a master’s degree to attain cybersecurity positions.

However, many highly skilled and technical openings don’t require an advanced or college degree today. Instead, employers prioritize real-world experience and skills over classroom time.

There is less emphasis on conventional backgrounds forming a more inclusive and diverse cybersecurity workforce to combat unauthorized users and cyberattacks.

Security Skills To Work Remotely

The demands, expectations, and dynamics of workplaces have changed in the past few years. As cybersecurity experts facilitate big enterprises to cope with these developments, they allow employees to work remotely on business-critical projects while ensuring that business data is well protected.

Also, they should learn the necessary skills to safeguard a network perimeter that isn’t well defined.

Threat Intelligence Skills

According to Foote Partners, various cyber skills and certifications are widely sought-after, including threat intelligence.

Risk analytics exploit external and internal unstructured and structured for modeling outcomes and scenarios and provide insights into cyberattacks, market risk, fraud risk, financial risk, and IT risk. The acumens offer the organization a range of benefits to security, competitive advantage, and operational continuity.

Those venturing into threat intelligence and risk analytics should become fluent in Machine Learning (ML)/ Artificial Intelligence (AI)technologies. People trained in AI, threat intelligence, cybersecurity, ML, and more are much sought-after in the cybersecurity job market.

Top Cybersecurity Jobs To Lookout For

With the rapid increase in malicious activities and cyberattacks, mainly post-pandemic, organizations need competent professionals in cybersecurity to safeguard their sensitive and confidential data from dangerous cyber criminals and minimize cyberattacks.

Some top cybersecurity jobs will pay over 200,000 US dollars in 2022 for the utmost protection. Consider working as a:

Cybersecurity Project Manager

A cybersecurity project manager gets paid over $200,000 per annum in renowned companies worldwide. These cybersecurity experts must solve issues to reduce potential risks that hackers can exploit.

Cybersecurity Sales Engineer

This is a critical job in the IT field with a pay scale above $200,000. This particular job role is famous for managing and driving the technical assessment stage of the sales procedure with sales skills and technical knowledge.

Bug Bounty Hunter

In the cybersecurity field, bug bounty hunters are one of the most important job roles in cybersecurity that pays above $200,000. They have to identify bugs and security vulnerabilities in software before these bugs can start causing severe consequences in the future.

Wrapping Up

Cybersecurity jobs trends are changing and are in high demand. It doesn’t appear that the requirement for more security experts is going anywhere in the predictable future. Cyberattacks are becoming more advanced and devastating. Although you can know about the ones of high-profile entities, no individual or company, for that matter, with a digital presence, is immune to cyberattacks.


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