After the Covid-19 pandemic, not only did the global economy experience a sudden and significant downturn, but there was also a definite rise in cyberattacks. As more organizations opted for remote working to limit the spread of the virus, it increased exposure to digital cyber vulnerabilities. Due to the outbreak, there has been an upsurge in sophisticated email phishing attacks, recording an increase of almost 600%.

WHO reports a fivefold increase in cyberattacks as more than 45% of Americans experienced financial identity thefts in 2020. It also revealed that the losses from the identity theft cases cost $500 billion, recording a 42% increase in the cyberattack losses. Moreover, cybercrime will cost more than $10 trillion annually by 2025.

With cybercrimes becoming increasingly prevalent, there is a continuous need for competent IT security professionals. Not only this, businesses need to make changes in their security systems to prevent their sensitive employees’ and customers’ data from getting into the wrong hands.

Do you think a career in cybersecurity is for you? Need help pursuing your passion for protecting organizational digital assets? Here is a broad set of professional, technical and functional skillset in demand to set yourself apart from others.

Let’s discover the top skills in demand in cybersecurity.

Top Skills In Demand In The Cybersecurity Industry

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting a company’s security system, services, applications, and networks from malicious attacks, hackers, and other cyber threats. The advent of sophisticated technologies like the Internet of Things, automation, and cloud computing increases the demand for cybersecurity professionals.

Here are the top skills in demand in cybersecurity:

1.     Application Development Security

According to Atlas VPN, application development security is the skill to attain for professionals in this industry and forecasts a 164% increase in the next 5 years.

Cyber threats are increasingly becoming sophisticated, resulting in higher risks. Hence, while developing an application, it’s essential to incorporate all security measures to ensure protection against data breaches. The application development security professionals are responsible for discovering and patching loopholes within the apps during the development stage in order to enhance security.

2.     Technical Competencies

As a cybersecurity professional, you must know how to troubleshoot, update, and maintain information security systems within an organization. Indeed, it entails the continuous implementation of sophisticated security measures and providing real-time security solutions.

Therefore, it’s essential to be tech-savvy and have strong problem-solving skills to perform your daily job responsibilities and reach a successful career.

3.     Cloud Security

The cloud security discipline comprises robust technologies and security measures preventing leakage of online data and theft. With companies adopting digital platforms and cloud solutions to store and share information, there is also a need to secure these cloud-based platforms. Hackers are constantly on the lookout for cracks and leaks within the system to get hold of confidential data.

As companies migrate to cloud technologies, they must hire cloud-savvy professionals capable of securing all the valuable data. Businesses must implement security measures to protect cloud infrastructure from internal and external threats like ransomware, scams, phishing, and other cyberattacks.

4.     Computer Forensic

Cybersecurity and computer forensics are two different fields, but they are closely related. Cyber forensics focuses on protecting digital assets and intelligence along with studying actions occurring after a cybercrime. On the contrary, cybersecurity concentrates on the prevention of cyberattacks. Having a solid understanding of computer forensics has the power to take your boost your career.

Hence, to excel in your cybersecurity career, effectively protect organizational digital assets and prevent security breaches, one needs to have a strong understanding of how cybersecurity happens and how to recover compromised data.

5.     Risk Management

A cybersecurity risk management skill allows professionals to analyze risks associated with cybercrime and ways of minimizing them. Cybersecurity professionals work closely with managers to detect loopholes in the current security system and take preventive measures to protect it against cyberattacks.

Top Skills To Succeed In Cybersecurity Careers

With so much good coming from technology, it’s hard to believe that technology is also the reason behind potential cybercrimes. Amidst growing cyber threats and cybercrimes, it’s wise for businesses to hire specialized IT security professionals.

These days cybersecurity offers numerous employment opportunities in almost every company. Companies are continuously on the lookout for security professionals who are competent in cybersecurity skills and capable of combating cyber threats.

Anyone looking to excel in cybersecurity skills must possess the above listed top skills in demand in cybersecurity. However, there are plenty of virtual cybersecurity courses and certifications that can develop much-needed skills to advance your career in the field of cybersecurity.

Besides this, companies spend millions of dollars on advertising and the hiring process of finding the right talent for their company. A cheaper alternative is to hire a recruitment agency with a strong network of competent cybersecurity candidates. They match companies with suitable IT professionals proficient in performing their respective cybersecurity roles.