In every industry, executives are crucial to a team’s success and growth. C-level executives add a lot of value to startups as they are usually expected to take on some of the job duties of the founder or the CEO.

However, it is not easy to hire senior or executive-level management. As the cybersecurity domain continues to grow and thrive, it is even trickier to find cybersecurity senior management talent.

Here are some of the reasons why you may be struggling with finding the right executives for your cybersecurity team.

1.Cultural fit

Many executive-level candidates possess exceptional qualities and experience that they have accomplished over a long period of time. However, for some senior-level candidates, the idea of ‘fitting into a culture’ may not always be a priority.

Studies show that culture-driven companies are more likely to be successful and experience less turnover. If you do end up hiring someone who isn’t a cultural fit, it will reflect on your team’s performance as well.

2.Internal hires

If you are struggling with finding an executive for your company, consider looking internally. Look for candidates who are performing well in their positions and deserve to be promoted. This will save you from the hassle of finding the candidates externally and having to struggle with cultural issues.

3.See the candidate in action

When hiring for senior management, as a CEO you may focus more on only communicating with the candidate. However, to gauge the candidate’s abilities, you need to take one extra step i.e. see the candidate in action. Before the interview, ask them to present something on the day of the interview. Give them scenario-based questions e.g. how would you handle a difficult employee or an employee-related crisis?

4.Brand value

When senior management and leaders look for a job, they weigh in on the organization’s brand. Some managers are interested in taking a nascent brand and developing it into a successful and compelling brand. Others are interested in taking the existing brand to a higher level of success for the business.

Today, many new cybersecurity security startups and firms are popping up. This is a great opportunity for you as a CEO to look for candidates who care about startups and have the aptitude to take the business to the next level.

Hiring for senior management is definitely a tricky business in the cybersecurity industry. How can you ensure the candidate you are hiring is the right fit for your company?

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