The evolution in technology in recent years has turned the world on its head. Changes in technology have affected every facet of business from manufacturing to the service industry. The tech industry itself is also changing daily. These five tech advancements have transformed numerous industries over the past decade.

Information Security (InfoSec)

Businesses need to prevent their data from being stolen, changed, deleted, and corrupted. That’s where InfoSec comes in. Information Security is a subset of cybersecurity that focuses on data. It includes the tools and practices businesses use to keep private information and other sensitive data safe. InfoSec is used to maintain the confidentiality, availability, authenticity, utility, and integrity of data. Cryptography is one aspect of InfoSec that is changing the tech industry. Data encryption helps keep information confidentiality, while digital signatures have made it easier to verify the authenticity of data. InfoSec has become essential to industries such as financial services, government sectors, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Cybersecurity (CyberSec)

Each year, hackers become more and more skilled so security experts must constantly improve their ability to manage risks and vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity is used to keep computer systems, networks, hardware, software, and date safe from theft, damage, and disruption. One CyberSec strategy that is changing the tech industry is called SOAR, which stands for security orchestration, automation, and response. SOAR technology allows companies to gather data about security threats and vulnerabilities and create automated responses, which is helpful in monitoring low-risk threats. The goal of new SOAR strategies is to speed up the process of counteracting cybersecurity threats by making the process simpler and more automated.


Artificial intelligence and robotics have also transformed the tech industry in recent years. Artificial intelligence allows computer software to act with humanlike intelligence, particularly in the ability to learn and solve complex problems. AI has impacted the tech world in many ways. It has created many new jobs in the industry, increased the interconnectivity of devices, and enabled businesses to provide more personalized experiences for customers.


DevOps refers to a set of practices and values which enable businesses to develop better application faster. It’s all about making the life cycle of development shorter so businesses can provide better products and services to their customers. DevOps works by making the development process more collaborative. Instead of working alone, developers work closely with operations, security experts, and quality assurance specialists. As a result, developments team have access to a broader skill pool, as well as faster communication. Automation also helps to streamline the DevOps process.


Automation involves using computers and other technology to enable processes to be performed with minimal hep from humans. One way that automation has affected the tech industry is by creating new jobs. As more processes become automated, the industry needs more people behind the scenes designing and maintaining the automation. Automation has made many industries more efficient by speeding up processes that are simple and repetitive. Industries that are advancing due to automation include manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare. Automation improves efficiency, precision, and reliability.

Advancements in technology have not only changed the tech industry, they have transformed every major industry. Cybersecurity and InfoSec have many data and computers safer and more confidential, while artificial intelligence and robotics have made industries more efficient and productive.


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