Top professionals in IT aren’t looking to work for just any company. They want the best of the best. Stars are looking for companies that invest in technology, provide flexible work arrangements, and facilitate opportunities for career progression. Below we’ll cover what IT professionals are looking for and how to attract them. These tips will help you attract better talent to your organization.

High Tech Companies

Stars in IT want to work for companies that invest in technology—companies that have the newest technology and continuously upgrade software and devices. Professionals who choose the IT field usually choose it because they are genuinely passionate about technology, so they want the opportunity to work in a high-tech environment where they get to use state-of-the-art tech on a daily basis. IT professionals also know the importance of updating technology in terms of speed and security, so they are more critical than other professionals would be. With this in mind, you want your hiring process to demonstrate your tech proficiency, whether that means a seamless video conferencing experience or having an intuitive mobile website.


Most individuals in the IT field appreciate flexibility. Employees in general appreciate the flexibility working remotely offers because it allows for better work-life balance and makes raising a family or pursuing other interests easier. However, in IT, professionals understand their work can often be performed remotely, so they expect more flexibility in their work than in other industries. Many IT employees also want the option to come in late or work flexible hours if it doesn’t affect their productivity. In many cases, this flexibility allows them to work more efficiently.

Career Progression

Offering career advancement is one of the keys to attracting talent in IT. In fact, one of the most common reasons people leave jobs is because they feel like their career is stagnating. Opportunity for career growth is often the most important factor that determines if a candidate accepts a job offer, even ahead of compensation. That’s because IT professionals aren’t looking for jobs; they’re looking for long-term careers. Thus, they seek out organizations that provide training, upskilling, and other opportunities for growth. As a company, it is important that you incorporate hands-on learning into your work culture, give employees access to a job coach, and help employees set goals. Candidates also look for companies who have a history of promoting from within.

To attract stars in IT, you have to sell not just the company to candidates, but also its culture. Demonstrate to them that your company will continuously invest in technology. Pitch the flexibility of your work environment and paint a picture of what the candidate’s career progression will look like if they land the job. Talk about the direction of the company and opportunities for upskilling and internal promotion.

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