Your organization’s brand is more important than you think when it comes to attracting top talent. Ideal candidates will often have many options when it comes to employers. Brands that have and will maintain a good reputation, tend to be at the top of the list for these candidates. This article focuses on how to ensure your brand will attract top talent.

Showcasing the aspects of your company that would make quality candidates consider working for you is your best chance in acquiring top talent. If candidates are not aware of the great perks that you are offering, chances are your job offer could be turned down or an application will not be submitted at all. In today’s competitive hiring pool, there are things you can do to make a name for your organization to ensure you don’t miss out on the best applicants in the workforce.

Establish a Strong Company Culture – Building a strong company culture can be difficult if you hire strictly for job-based skills. Take into consideration an applicant’s soft skills, or the way their personality will fit in with already established workers. Hiring someone who matches all the work-related requirements but doesn’t know how to work well within a team or take constructive criticism, could do more harm to the company’s culture than benefit the bottom line. Encouraging employees to think about how their work affects the entire organization and not their respective department, helps to build a positive culture as well.

Market all you Have to Offer – If you don’t let applicants know what your company can offer them, they will choose to go somewhere they DO know. Be sure to publicize all the perks that one can benefit from when employed by your company. Tuition reimbursement, telecommuting and professional development are more common perks. However, be sure to advertise the less common as well. Perhaps you offer on-site child care, release time for studying, or wellness benefits. Depending on the applicant, you never know which perk is going to make or break their decision to join your team, so communicate them all.

Invest in Your Employees Growth – By 2025, 75% of the workforce is going to be made up of millennials. This generation is saturated with individuals that expect their employers to provide an opportunity to not only learn new skills while at work but improve existing ones. If the expectation is to acquire the top talent from this demographic, it is necessary to offer continuing educational opportunities.

As transparent as the world is today, organizations can no longer rely on basic recruiting events and job postings to attract quality candidates. Focusing attention on benefits for current employees will create a company culture that potential hires will strive to be a part of.  As word gets out, your company will become top on the list of many talented applicants.