No matter where we look, we are inundated by stories of phishing scams, cybersecurity breaches, internet fraud, and other malign instances plaguing online businesses. As a result, cybercrime is a significant issue these days, giving rise to the prominence of solid cybersecurity practices.

Everyone wants to ensure data security, whether a government-based agency, private citizen, business, or organization. This is because a significant part of a person’s life—including financial transactions, day-to-day work, and personal information—happens online.

Cybersecurity architects ensure that our digital lives are safe and online information is safeguarded from the prying eyes of malicious actors. This makes them a vital piece of the online security puzzle.

An industry-wide skills gap in cybersecurity means high demand for cybersecurity architects. Also referred to as information security architect or security architect, this career is sought-after for seasoned IT experts.

As a result, firms pay high salaries to adequately qualified employees to thrive in this crucial role.

As per, a site that offers resources and information to help bridge the cybersecurity skills gap states that the cybersecurity architect role pays an annual salary (average) of $129,000.

But what precisely is the role of cybersecurity architects, why you should consider it, and what’s the salary outlook?

Read on to learn why this in-demand job is an excellent career choice.

What Is A Security Architect?

A data security architect is a cyber-security expert who develops systems that keep your company secure from hackers and breaches.

These architects play a crucial role in safeguarding and fortifying a company’s networking system. However, they are in higher demand more than ever before. Typically, a security architect works in a management-level job position to defend the entirety of a company’s network.

What Is The Job Of Security Architects?

The most significant part of a data security architect’s position comes in making an organization’s network system. A security architect has various responsibilities and tasks, as mentioned below:

  • Firewall implementation. Eradicating as many threats and risks as possible begins with a suitable firewall. Security architects should be able to implement a firewall that will secure your company’s critical customer and internal data
  • Architecture design and application. Security architects have to set up cybersecurity measures and architecture. They plan and design the network’s security approach leveraging their extensive knowledge of software and hardware
  • Vulnerability testing. It is essential to know and understand where the organization is weak to fortify it appropriately. Regular testing for vulnerability is a vital part of the tasks of a security architect
  • Antivirus software installation and updates. Most cybersecurity issues can be prevented with the appropriate antivirus software. Security architects know the critical factors to consider when selecting antivirus solutions
  • Cybersecurity research.A data architect is up-to-date on the latest info in the cybersecurity world. They stay well-versed about the recent cyber threats and take measures to equip their network from them proactively

Job And Salary Outlook Cybersecurity Architects

Your critical company and user data are already online and a possible target for opportunistic malicious actors.

You need to understand the importance of constantly fortifying them with fail-safe aspects that safeguards your data from the onset. This is why companies recruit security architects to develop a system that protects their information.

As per PayScale, cybersecurity architects make $120,491 (median salary). Glassdoor shows an even higher figure that is $124,637. Cybersecurity architects are comparatively well paid ($85,017-$169,780) even on the low-end.

However, as a security architect, your salary can vary based on the specific industry, the intricacy of the company’s systems, management level, experience, and responsibility.

The job outlook is also brilliant as companies increasingly comprehend the importance of cybersecurity and, in many cases, how far behind their policies and standards are in meeting the best practices.

As they rush to catch up, the demand for qualified talent in this field is projected to rise in the future.In fact, the Center for Cyber Safety and Education Report estimated a talent gap of around 1.8 million jobs in the upcoming five years.

Also, the demand will way outpace the supply for quite some time, making cybersecurity a compelling sector for those entering the workforce and individuals with an IT background searching for career encroachment.

Wrapping Up

Security architect job positions are in high demand across various industries. There is a need for competent professionals who can responsibly deal with and safeguard sensitive data in financial services, defense, and telecommunications.

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