Onboarding is the process of assimilating new employees into a company. In IT, a successful onboarding strategy can help new hires understand the role they will play in the company and learn about company policies and objectives. Equally important, onboarding can make new employees feel like they are part of the team. These tips will allow you to create an effective onboarding strategy.

Constant Communication

Strong and consistent communication is the key to effective onboarding. Starting a new job is a major transition for employees. When you communicate consistently, you show new team members that you are invested in their success. Staying in communication, even before the first day, gives you the opportunity to establish what hires should expect from their role and get them excited about their new position. It gives you the chance to answer any question they may have and help them set goals for themselves. With clear and frequent communication, you can make the onboarding process much less confusing for your employees.

Listen to Feedback

Collecting feedback is necessary to measure the effectiveness of your onboarding strategy. You want to find out what your team likes and dislikes about the onboarding process they participated in so you can better understand how the program can be improved. It’s not enough to collect feedback. You have to be open-minded about and listen closely to what new hires have to say about onboarding.

Prepare Them for the First Day

For most candidates, the job doesn’t become real to them until they start the first day. However, employers can improve their onboarding process by prepping new hires for their first day. For example, you can give them videos, reading material, and other resources that will enable them to learn about the company culture, policies, goals, etc. You want employees to start day one with an understanding of their job expectations and how their role relates to overarching company objectives.

Regular Check-ins

It is important to check in with new hires regularly, especially during the first week and throughout the first couple of months. You want to give your employees the opportunity to ask questions or address any concerns they may have. Regular check-ins also allow employees to receive the feedback they need to become better in their new role, while helping them to feel like they are a valued member of the team.

Onboarding is critical for new hires in IT because it ensures that employees have the resources they need to succeed in their role and helps integrate them into the company culture. You can make the most of your onboarding program by communicating consistently, establishing expectations, and listening to feedback.


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