Whether you’re just starting your career or looking to make the jump into management, understanding how you want to lead is pivotal to your success. Defining your leadership style can provide you with a set of principles that will help you lead your team and accelerate your growth. Here are some ways you can craft a leadership style that is right for you.

Identify Your Strengths and Challenges

Since each manager has their own personality, there isn’t one style of leadership that works for everyone. The first step in developing a leadership style that fits your personality is to understand what you excel at and where you need improvement. This will allow you to adapt to a leadership style that plays to your strengths, while providing insight on how you can become a better leader.

As you reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, think about qualities relevant to good leadership, such as the ability to inspire others, confidence, and emotional intelligence. During the reflection process, it is important to be honest with yourself. It is also useful to ask for feedback from friends and colleagues who you trust to give an honest opinion. This will help neutralize any biases you may have about yourself.

Focus on Clear Communication 

Being a great communicator has never been more important because managers are talking to more stakeholders through multiple channels. Managers are not just talking with employees. Today they are sharing company messages and information with employees, customers, suppliers, and the community.

You will find it more difficult to climb the ladder if your communication skills are underdeveloped. You want to focus both on written and spoken communication, as well as nonverbal communication and active listening. Strong communication also helps with transparency, accountability, and empathy, which are all necessary for successful leadership.

Build a Growth Mindset  

As you develop your leadership style, you want to adopt a growth mindset, embracing the idea that growth is always possible, even when it feels difficult. People who have a growth mindset benefit more from constructive criticism and learning activities. They are also better at overcoming obstacles, adapting to change, and staying motivated. By building a growth mindset and working hard, you will be able to continually develop your leadership style and benefit your team.

Some professionals climb the career leader fast, while others find it hard to gain momentum and their career stagnates. Fostering a strong leadership style can make it easier for you to present yourself as the kind of professional who will excel in a position of authority. Identifying your strengths and challenges, cultivating a clear and effective communications style, and embracing a growth mindset can all help you to become a strong leader with a distinct leadership style.



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