Real-time video interviewing is growing in popularity as a screening tool for cybersecurity jobs because it’s more time and cost efficient. Still, it takes a specialized approach to really nail a virtual interview since it’s such a unique experience. For instance, it can be more challenging to make a positive first impression when you’re not meeting face-to-face with a hiring manager. Although many of the same rules from phone interviews can be applied, you can tip the scale in your favor even more with these virtual interview tips.

Show Passion to Nail Your Virtual Interview

IT management jobs are among the most competitive in America right now. Hiring managers have to shortlist and interview from a significant number of applicants making it even more difficult to stand out in the crowd. A majority of recruiters rank communication skills as the most in-demand asset to have. So, building your communication skills is a good place to start. Then you can focus on creating a powerful message that shows your passion and distinct vision. Finding a connection between your values and the company’s mission is a proven way to hook recruiters. We want to hire people that are genuinely excited about working in this industry. Ask questions about the company’s leadership, work culture and so on to show your level of interest.

Discuss What Makes You Different

A computer science degree, IT certificate, specific technical experience, etc. suggests that you only have the hard skills to do a job. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be a great employee. HR professionals want to know what separates you from other candidates. Share a key message that highlights a combination of your personal and professional qualities, along with any soft skills that you’ve learned up to this point like leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

Tell a Story to Ace Your Virtual Interview

Remember, hiring managers already have your resume that details your skills and accomplishments. Rather than repeating what we already know about you, be prepared to share short, relevant stories during your next virtual interview about times that you had to overcome obstacles and learned a lesson. Make sure to explain your specific contribution to highlight your skillset.

Send a Follow-Up Email

Finally, don’t forget to send a short email to follow-up and express thanks. Include something that you discussed during the interview and ask additional questions to keep the lines of communication open. Be prepared to discuss job offer details.

You can land your dream cybersecurity job by nailing your next virtual interview. Show your passion, tell a story and send a follow-up email to get things going in the right direction.

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