From personal assistants and legal counsel to parking fines, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has realized its potential as the disruptive technology that will alter the way things are done.

With each passing day, engineers and IT teams further enable AI to be an excellent tool for growth and service. However, if your company hasn’t adequately prepared to deal with the vulnerabilities that come with digitalization, AI can also work against you.


AI has enabled the gathering of more data than ever before. This data is precious. The cost of a typical data breach recovery is upwards of $3.75 million, according to Norton. In addition, the report states that companies need almost 200 days, on average, to recover completely from a data breach. For this reason, organizations should invest in cybersecurity more to avoid rebuilding time and financial losses.

Cybersecurity keeps data safe from theft, damage, and disruption. As AI provides more ways for data input, more tools are needed to safeguard this information.

Response Automation

SOAR, which stands for security orchestration, automation, and response, is an example of AI capabilities to survey and create replies. SOAR technology allows companies to gather data about security threats and vulnerabilities and create automated responses, monitoring low-risk threats. As a result, security increases without an increase in human resources.

Voice Search

Another effect of the rise in response automation and AI-powered virtual assistants is the considerable rise in voice searches’ growing proportion.

There was a case for people feeling more comfortable typing rather than voicing out their search terms. However, statistics dispel that notion as 60% of consumers have comfortably used voice search to find business data in the last year.

AI has now reached the point where the Google algorithm can understand human speech with a 95% accuracy – that’s the same as a normal human being.

As AI-led appliances such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home Assistant continue to reach homes worldwide, their increased mobility emphasizes their hands-free approach to the data input, with voice search primed to grow at an exponential rate.

This technology provides an even stronger stream of data than typed searches.

Behavioral Analysis

AI has propelled the era of ‘Big Data’ to great heights. As more and more phones and

digital devices are being manufactured and used daily, platforms and websites offer insights into consumer patterns and further customization possibilities.

AI has enabled the segmentation of data and identifies behavioral trends and consumer preferences. It has allowed companies to fine-tune their advertisements, campaigns, websites, and conversion pages.

In such a rapidly evolving environment, leadership can sometimes overlook the importance of cybersecurity. A successful business’s hallmark is its ability to keep an eye out for developing trends and technology that revolutionize how processes happen while mitigating any risks that come with these changes.

As the world prepares for a more digitalized economy, AI will play an integral role in shaping how businesses attract, engage, and convert prospects into long-term customers. Companies looking for a competitive edge over their rivals must be adept with the latest technologies and tools in the digital sphere and hire the best technical personnel to think out-of-the-box, innovate, and create.


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