Generations in the Workplace: What to Know

In today’s workforce, several generations work alongside one another, from not-yet-retired members of the “Greatest Generation” and Baby Boomers to bright-eyed Gen Z’ers just starting their careers. Each of these generations brings different strengths and priorities to the workplace, shaped by different experiences in their formative years and education. Understanding each generation [...]


Acquiring and Retaining Millennials

With each generation, the workforce is compelled to adapt to the members in that generation and adjusting to Millennials can be a big order.   With job-hopping becoming the norm for the average twenty something, companies need to learn how to attract this youngest group of candidates. In 2020, Millennials will account for [...]


Communicating with Millennials

Every generation has their own method of communication and millennials are no different. Because their communication style is very different from previous generations, integrating millennial employees into your company’s culture can be complicated. This week we learn the best methods of communication with this group of team members. Millennials have come of [...]


What you Need to Know About Millennials

Millennials, or generation Y have made quite a reputation for themselves.  This week, our three part series focuses on this newest generation entering the workforce and some of the myths about them. With millennials making up almost half of the United States workforce, it is worth investing time into finding out what [...]

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