The Essential Skills to Look for When Hiring a Cybersecurity Professional

As businesses increasingly rely on digital technologies — and those technologies continue to evolve rapidly — the importance of robust cybersecurity measures has never been greater. Cyber threats are evolving, and so must our approaches to defending against them. This includes incorporating a more proactive approach to cyber resilience, rather than focusing [...]


Strategic Redeployment of Human Capital: Making the Most of Talent

One of the certainties in IT and cybersecurity is that the field will always be changing. With that comes corresponding changes in job requirements, titles, and specialized skills. How can teams keep up with these rapid changes while avoiding rapid turnover and all the associated costs? That’s where strategic redeployment comes [...]


A Skills-Centric Talent Strategy in Tech Today

Today’s workforce is rapidly changing, along with the tools and technologies used to perform work across all industries. With the rise of AI and similar technologies, more employees – and companies – are attempting to set themselves apart by focusing on their unique skills, rather than just checking off boxes on a [...]


When Tech Meets Tech: AI-Generated Resumes in IT Recruiting

While the tech world embraces AI wholeheartedly, the recruiting side of the industry is already familiar with its pitfalls. Back in 2018, Amazon was forced to abandon an AI-powered resume screening tool because it was trained on data from an era where men dominated the tech industry, leading the tool to downgrade [...]


Ensuring Employee Well-Being: World Mental Health Day 2023

October 10 marks World Mental Health Day, spotlighting efforts to address and improve all aspects of mental health and well-being. It’s the perfect opportunity to consider how your organization invests in your employees’ mental health – and where you could improve even more. 39% of employees say that their environment at [...]


Four Key Workforce Trends to Drive Success in IT & Cybersecurity

Today’s IT and cybersecurity workforce continues to evolve rapidly, and at Velocity, we’re all about helping you stay on top of those trends. Saratoga, a workforce analytics and HR benchmarking product from PwC, has just released its “Top 4 Workforce Trends” based on its 2023 benchmarking survey results. As you develop your [...]


IT Certifications and What They Mean

Hiring for IT and cybersecurity roles doesn’t just involve looking at resumes, degrees, and past job titles. It also requires taking a closer look at candidates’ specific skills and certifications to see if their technical abilities align with the core functions of the job. That’s where certifications are so important. Understanding the [...]


Four Key Components of Today’s Cybersecurity Strategy

Transparency and effectiveness in cybersecurity aren’t just a “plus” for a company anymore – it’s a “must.” As reported by the MIT Sloan School of Management, updated rules from the Securities and Exchange Commission now require companies to maintain adequate cybersecurity controls and to appropriately disclose any cyber-related risks and incidents. MIT [...]


ChatGPT and Cybersecurity: Keeping Your Organization Safe

ChatGPT has gone far beyond just being something “fun”. The popular AI chatbot is growing its presence and its modeling abilities, and with that technology comes enormous risks. It’s more important than ever for cybersecurity professionals to be aware of some of the most common ways AI can be used to wreak [...]


Challenges for Moms Working in IT and How to Address Them

More women are entering the IT field every day, including many working moms who are taking their careers to new heights. The talent pool of working mothers is full of excellent workers and exciting potential leaders, but they also are facing significant hurdles along the way. If your firm is looking to [...]

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