The Psychology of Individual Purpose – and How It Fits into Recruiting

The IT and cybersecurity labor market is more competitive than ever, requiring a new perspective on work itself. More and more, employees are looking for roles that align with their personal goals and sense of purpose, rather than just a paycheck and a particular job title. Recruiters looking to succeed in this [...]


How Topgrading Can Improve Pay Structures in IT

The IT and cybersecurity field is growing fast, and top talent has plenty of offers to choose from. With this kind of competition, it’s important for every organization to take the time to evaluate their hiring and retention practices to ensure that they’re doing everything possible to truly build top-performing teams. One [...]


Why Even Santa Could Use an Expert Recruiter

The holiday season is looking a little less holly-jolly this year. We’ve seen plenty of hiring woes over the last few years, but the latest industry to be hit by worker shortages is especially disappointing: there’s an official Santa shortage! Mitch Allen, the founder and “head elf” of, revealed to Entrepreneur [...]


The 5 Ways to Deal with Conflict at Work

Conflict is a harsh reality of the workplace. It is estimated that managers spend up to 25% of their time on conflict resolution. This can have a huge impact on productivity and workplace morale, which ends up costing organizations every year. Of course, some conflicts are worse than others. In fact, small [...]


3 Easy Ways to Increase Motivation at Work

In the last segment, we talked about how managers can increase employee motivation, which is critical for keeping productivity high and turnover low. However, every team member has an impact on workplace morale and can motivate one another. This is important whether you are leading a team, or just want to enjoy [...]


Are You One of These Difficult Coworkers?

No office is perfect. As much as you and your colleagues get along, there are probably still (more than) a few difficult personality types that you are interacting with on a regular basis. Some can cause real issues, eroding worker morale, and creating tension, whereas others are probably just a bit annoying [...]


How to Leverage the Strengths of Your Extroverts

Last week we talked about the different strengths that introverts bring to the table. To keep things even, this week we will be discussing extroverts. While introverts generally expend energy in social situations, extroverts thrive in these types of highly stimulating, fast-paced environments. Individuals who are extremely extroverted might come across as [...]


Take Advantage of Your Introverted Talent

There is a lot of confusion around introverts. Where you might think that this is just another word for “shy,” it is actually a bit different. It all has to do with energy. Introverts expend energy in social situations, whereas extroverts gain energy when they are around people. Beyond that, introverts generally [...]


Three Strategies to Help You Land That Promotion

We are conditioned to think that we should all be fighting for a promotion every chance we get. But when the calendar rolls around to promotion season, there are a few things that you should spend some time thinking about. First off, would this new position help move your career in the [...]

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