The future is digital, and IT professionals are in high demand in the private and public sectors.  Some people enter this industry for competitive salaries, while others want to protect organizations against cybercrime. A recent study indicated that most IT professionals were satisfied with their jobs, but the first step is to find the right IT company for you. Instead of taking whatever you can and spending the first few years of your career jumping between employers, try looking for companies you will love working for. Before accepting an offer, it’s essential to learn about the organizations’ values, goals, and work styles to confirm that they match yours. Here are some tips to separate good from bad employers.


Dig Deeper Than the Job Description

Although a good job description will detail the responsibilities, qualifications, and skills for many IT careers, you can’t assess company culture from it. Some people might prefer working for employers that prioritize diversity and inclusion, whereas others may prefer working independently. Here are some common signs of good company culture:


  • Long-term employees
  • Clear mission statement and values
  • Diversity
  • Visible/accessible leadership
  • Lack of office politics
  • Ongoing professional development


Granted, some of these can be difficult to measure from the outside looking in. However, you can get a good feel of a company’s culture by reviewing what leaders are posting on social media, blogs, and in their newsletters. Then, check out employee and customer reviews to gain a sense of a company’s reputation in the marketplace. Reach out to current employees and ask them if they would recommend working there to friends and family.


Take Control of Where You’re Going

It’s important to remember that just because you have all the right skills for an IT job, it doesn’t mean the work culture will automatically be a good match. Candidates often need better strategies for interviewing companies to determine if the culture is a good fit. Here are some effective questions to ask during an interview:


  • What characteristics do your best performers have in common?
  • What do you expect me to accomplish during my first few months on the job?
  • What skills do you value most in employees?


Finally, don’t ignore the warning signs of toxic company culture, including a high turnover rate, unfriendly competition between current employees, and lack of communication.


Create a Target List of Companies

Some other important things to consider are whether you would prefer to work for a large or smaller organization, whether the company is in a desired geographic location, allow employees to work remotely, etc. IT recruiters can be another excellent resource for learning about some of these details.


IT occupations are expected to grow by 11% over the next decade, creating a candidate’s market. Companies are going to be competing for more employees, which means you can have more control over where you take your career with these tips

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