Increase Productivity by Decreasing Meetings

When it comes to meetings, remember to prioritize quality over quantity. All too often, meetings are scheduled without truly considering whether they are needed, who actually needs to be in attendance, and what the key discussion points are. The result is unproductive meetings that suck up employees’ time and drain company morale. [...]


Want More Personal Time? Follow These Tips

The world is full of distractions – especially at work. This can cause our productivity to decline and can quickly lead to burnout. Luckily there are ways to minimize these time-sucks and increase your efficiency at work. The result? A better work product in less time, which frees you up to focus on [...]


The Best Plans Take These Factors into Account

We are busier than ever, but by creating smart daily, weekly, and long-term plans, you can increase your efficiency and accomplish more in both your personal and professional life. This help decreases your risk of burnout and give you more time to spend doing the things you love. Modern technology has automated [...]