Report: Survey Shows Planned Budget Increases and More

Salary budgets are set to increase in 2023, but it’s not the only financial development on the horizon for the new year. Thanks to some new research, we have some insights on the overall state of salary budgets for 2023. According to’s Annual National Salary Budget Survey, the “standard” 3% annual [...]


Top Cybersecurity Pros Embrace Professional Development

Employment opportunities in the field of cybersecurity are on the rise worldwide. However, the lack of qualified staff calls for investment in the professional development of those interested in this unique but lucrative career path. The best way to approach professional development in cybersecurity is through diversity in educational background and job experience. Employers seek employees who do not have traditional backgrounds in information technology (IT) and are willing to learn the necessary technical skills and prepare for careers in cybersecurity. Critical thinking, analytical thinking, the ability to work independently or in a team, and problem-solving are some non-technical skills that employers are seeking in candidates for cybersecurity positions. However, companies need reassurance that the candidate they intend to hire will be successful and worth the investment. To resolve this concern, (ISC)2 has developed a certification for novices in cybersecurity called (ISC)2 Certified in Cybersecurity. About 10,000 people globally have signed up, and minority organizations in the US are interested in adopting it to help build their client base. The program is top-rated in the UK as well.


Top Skills in Demand in Cybersecurity

After the Covid-19 pandemic, not only did the global economy experience a sudden and significant downturn, but there was also a definite rise in cyberattacks. As more organizations opted for remote working to limit the spread of the virus, it increased exposure to digital cyber vulnerabilities. Due to the outbreak, there has [...]


How Top Cybersecurity Firms Are Different from the Rest

Not all cybersecurity firms are created equally. While many have the same goal of protecting a business’s technology infrastructure, some can’t rise to the challenge. Finding the right cybersecurity company to work for may seem complicated because there are many from which to choose. How can you identify the best companies in [...]


Cybersecurity Architect Jobs Are in Very High Demand In 2021

No matter where we look, we are inundated by stories of phishing scams, cybersecurity breaches, internet fraud, and other malign instances plaguing online businesses. As a result, cybercrime is a significant issue these days, giving rise to the prominence of solid cybersecurity practices. Everyone wants to ensure data security, whether a government-based [...]


Where Cyberattacks Come From – It’s Not Just Russia and China

In the previous year, high-profile cyber attacks from China and Russia have incited the United States and western allies to take swift action to encounter the escalating events. The Microsoft Exchange case, SolarWinds spyware access, and other ransomware attacks by criminal mobs dominate headlines compelling state-led responses for cybersecurity. However, it's not always [...]


Virtual Interview Tips: How to Nail Your Virtual Interview

Real-time video interviewing is growing in popularity as a screening tool for cybersecurity jobs because it’s more time and cost efficient. Still, it takes a specialized approach to really nail a virtual interview since it’s such a unique experience. For instance, it can be more challenging to make a positive first impression [...]


Take Steps to Prioritize Mental Health in the Workplace

While mental health in the workplace should always be a priority, it is even more important now that we are a year into a global pandemic. Millions of people have seen their depression and anxiety intensify because of social isolation, stress about family members’ health, grief, financial worries, and more, while some [...]


IT and Cybersecurity Challenges Leaders Will Face in 2021

Tech companies will face many challenges this year as leaders continue to deal with the ramifications of the ongoing pandemic and the rapid increase of remote workers. From budget constraints to the dark web, here are some of the biggest IT and cybersecurity challenges leaders will have to content with this year. [...]


Advantages of Having a Remote Security Workforce

In the past, the cybersecurity field has resisted the move toward remote workers more than other industries. From cost efficiency to social distancing, the ongoing pandemic has made it harder to ignore the benefits of remote workers. Here are some of the most notable advantages of having a remote security workforce. Access [...]

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