Florida Executive Search for Cybersecurity

Florida Executive Search for Cybersecurity with Velocity Search Group Are you a Florida-based company searching for seasoned cybersecurity professionals? With the growing threat posed by cyberattacks, it is more important than ever to make sure your organization's data and assets are secure. Finding the right person to take on this challenge isn't [...]


Retention in Tech: When Loving the Job Isn’t Enough

In recent months, the focus in employment overall has shifted. Where companies across sectors were focused on recruiting previously, they’re now putting more emphasis on talent retention. This is especially true in the tech sector, where fast-moving ideas meet fast-moving people. In today’s shifting landscape, one thing is becoming clear: for many [...]


IT Certifications and What They Mean

Hiring for IT and cybersecurity roles doesn’t just involve looking at resumes, degrees, and past job titles. It also requires taking a closer look at candidates’ specific skills and certifications to see if their technical abilities align with the core functions of the job. That’s where certifications are so important. Understanding the [...]


Four Key Components of Today’s Cybersecurity Strategy

Transparency and effectiveness in cybersecurity aren’t just a “plus” for a company anymore – it’s a “must.” As reported by the MIT Sloan School of Management, updated rules from the Securities and Exchange Commission now require companies to maintain adequate cybersecurity controls and to appropriately disclose any cyber-related risks and incidents. MIT [...]


New York Recruiter for Cybersecurity

New York recruiter for Cybersecurity with Velocity Search Group Are you an experienced and passionate professional looking to make the move to a cybersecurity job in New York? Are you looking for an organization that is committed to helping individuals reach their career goals with a progressive approach? If so, then look [...]


Hiring Prompt Engineers to Manage the AI Revolution

TIME called prompt engineering “one of the hottest tech jobs” as AI language models like ChatGPT are trending big. A prompt engineer’s job is to write prompts and “feed” them into AI models in order to more effectively train the models to produce useful, accurate output. It’s about figuring out what the [...]


ChatGPT and Cybersecurity: Keeping Your Organization Safe

ChatGPT has gone far beyond just being something “fun”. The popular AI chatbot is growing its presence and its modeling abilities, and with that technology comes enormous risks. It’s more important than ever for cybersecurity professionals to be aware of some of the most common ways AI can be used to wreak [...]


Top New York Search Firm for Cybersecurity Talent

Velocity Search Group is a New York search firm for Cybersecurity Talent Are you a New York-based business looking for cybersecurity specialists to join your team? If so, then look no further than Velocity Search Group – the leading New York search firm for Cybersecurity acquisition. With our decades of experience operating [...]


Challenges for Moms Working in IT and How to Address Them

More women are entering the IT field every day, including many working moms who are taking their careers to new heights. The talent pool of working mothers is full of excellent workers and exciting potential leaders, but they also are facing significant hurdles along the way. If your firm is looking to [...]


New York Search Firm For Application Development

5 Reasons why you should choose New York search firm for Application Development Velocity Search Group When it comes to application development, choosing the right team to bring your vision to life is critical. New York Search Firm For Application Development, Velocity Search Group has established itself as a trusted partner for [...]


New York search firm for Cybersecurity

New York search firm for Cybersecurity with Velocity Search Group Are you in search of a reliable and experienced cybersecurity team for your business? Velocity Search Group can help. As one of the most respected executive search firms in New York, we understand how important it is to have an effective cybersecurity [...]


When Does It Make Sense to Hire an IT Consultant?

As the world of IT and cybersecurity continues to grow and change at a rapid pace, it’s important to have the human expertise to keep pace. While companies are focusing on recruiting and retaining skilled employees with the necessary qualifications, it’s not always in a company’s best interest to try to create [...]

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