Why Even Santa Could Use an Expert Recruiter

The holiday season is looking a little less holly-jolly this year. We’ve seen plenty of hiring woes over the last few years, but the latest industry to be hit by worker shortages is especially disappointing: there’s an official Santa shortage! Mitch Allen, the founder and “head elf” of HireSanta.com, revealed to Entrepreneur [...]


What Does Quiet Quitting Look Like in IT?

Quiet quitting. What began as a viral video has become one of the most talked about (and written about) topics this year. Is it a valid phenomenon, or is it nothing more than catchy clickbait? To a certain degree, the answer to that question does not matter. Rather than debating the significance [...]


Generations in the Workplace: What to Know

In today’s workforce, several generations work alongside one another, from not-yet-retired members of the “Greatest Generation” and Baby Boomers to bright-eyed Gen Z’ers just starting their careers. Each of these generations brings different strengths and priorities to the workplace, shaped by different experiences in their formative years and education. Understanding each generation [...]


The Future of Hybrid Work and IT Professionals

Over the last few years, the core of how we think about work itself has changed significantly. Among those major shifts has been the overall attitude towards work-from-home and hybrid work, with the hybrid trend attempting to combine the flexibility of WFH with the necessities of on-site presence for some positions. With [...]


Report: Salary.com Survey Shows Planned Budget Increases and More

Salary budgets are set to increase in 2023, but it’s not the only financial development on the horizon for the new year. Thanks to some new research, we have some insights on the overall state of salary budgets for 2023. According to Salary.com’s Annual National Salary Budget Survey, the “standard” 3% annual [...]


Are You Recruiting from the Right Talent Pools?

Call it the Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffle, or any other name: it’s a tough time to be hiring in the already-tight labor market of IT and cybersecurity. Competition for talent is intense, employees are changing their priorities, and the result is, in some roles, more open roles than there are qualified [...]


Hiring Trends in Today’s Cybersecurity World

Hiring in cybersecurity is always a challenge, but a smart strategy and the right recruiting partner can help your organization. Here’s what should be at the forefront of your mind as your company looks to fill critical roles in IT and cybersecurity. High Demand for Skilled Workers The demand for cybersecurity experts [...]


Top Cybersecurity Pros Embrace Professional Development

Employment opportunities in the field of cybersecurity are on the rise worldwide. However, the lack of qualified staff calls for investment in the professional development of those interested in this unique but lucrative career path. The best way to approach professional development in cybersecurity is through diversity in educational background and job experience. Employers seek employees who do not have traditional backgrounds in information technology (IT) and are willing to learn the necessary technical skills and prepare for careers in cybersecurity. Critical thinking, analytical thinking, the ability to work independently or in a team, and problem-solving are some non-technical skills that employers are seeking in candidates for cybersecurity positions. However, companies need reassurance that the candidate they intend to hire will be successful and worth the investment. To resolve this concern, (ISC)2 has developed a certification for novices in cybersecurity called (ISC)2 Certified in Cybersecurity. About 10,000 people globally have signed up, and minority organizations in the US are interested in adopting it to help build their client base. The program is top-rated in the UK as well.


7 Highest Paying Cybersecurity Careers And Where To Find Them

The good news is, according to the 2021 Cybersecurity Workforce Study (ISC), the cybersecurity workforce should increase to 65% to effectively defend an organization's valuable digital assets. If you want to be a part of this emerging industry, let us help you explore all available career paths.


Cybercriminals Are Increasingly Catching Businesses Off Guard

Cybercriminals aren’t just people hiding in their basements, hacking away at your networks and devices. In fact, that term covers a wide variety of professionals with "business" skills, including those who teach and recruit, handle money laundering, and offer escrow services.

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