Could Your Employees Do More by Doing Less?

You would think that with the seemingly endless technology that is available to us, employees would be so productive that they would be able to accomplish their work in fewer hours. In fact, economist John Maynard Keynes predicted nearly a century ago that his grandchildren would only need to work about 15 [...]


Why do so many employees dread meetings? Because more often than not they are a waste of our precious time. This can mean that employees do not have sufficient opportunity to finish what they need to during their typical work hours and that they must do so on their own time.  There [...]


How to Create an Environment of Optimism in the Workplace

In a time of a global pandemic when so much regarding our work and personal lives is unknown, it can seem impossible to create an environment of positivity. However, it is likely more important than ever. Studies have proven that optimistic leaders i.e., those who instill confidence and hope within their teams see [...]


Improve Team Efficiency by Improving Communication 

More and more companies are hiring remote workers and there are a great number of benefits for doing so. First off, it expands the pool of qualified workers exponentially. It also allows companies to reduce overhead costs and to increase their global reach and impact. However, this is not without its limitations. [...]


Are Your Leaders Happy and Engaged?

More than any other reason disengagement is why top talent report leaving their jobs for new positions. In fact, according to a recent Gallup report, nearly 70% of employees state that they are actively disengaged at work. This is clearly a huge problem and unfortunately one that is not being appropriately addressed.  [...]


Telltale Signs Your Work/Life Is Out of Balance

After last week’s article, you have an understanding of the negative effects that can occur from work/life imbalance. Not only can our physical and psychological wellbeing suffer, but it can also impact our ability to even do our work in the first place.  But how do you know if your work/life is [...]


How to Effectively Lead a Remote Team

Last week, we talked about the surge of companies embracing virtual workers. Thanks to all of the communication, project management, and file-sharing apps, collaborating from around the world has never been easier. Many employees are thrilled by this transition, improving company morale and retention rates. It is also benefiting companies by allowing [...]


How Virtual Teams Can Improve Your Business

One of the biggest trends that we are seeing recently is the growth of virtual workers, i.e., employees who can work from home (or anywhere, really). This shift in culture has been fueled by a number of different things. For example, technology has given us the incredible ability to connect with one [...]


The Benefits of Hiring Employees Over Contractors

As a result of the on-demand economy and the number of new start-ups, there has been more interest in hiring freelance and contract workers. Over the past few years, there has been an increase across nearly all industries. Not only does it give companies more flexibility, but it allows them to quickly [...]


Why Leading by Example Is the Key to Workplace Wellness

Whether you have expressly stated it or not, team members will look to their manager for cues on how to work. This can include things like the number of hours that they should be working, the level of quality that will be deemed “acceptable,” when it is okay to stay home or [...]