How Virtual Teams Can Improve Your Business

One of the biggest trends that we are seeing recently is the growth of virtual workers, i.e., employees who can work from home (or anywhere, really). This shift in culture has been fueled by a number of different things. For example, technology has given us the incredible ability to connect with one [...]


The Benefits of Hiring Employees Over Contractors

As a result of the on-demand economy and the number of new start-ups, there has been more interest in hiring freelance and contract workers. Over the past few years, there has been an increase across nearly all industries. Not only does it give companies more flexibility, but it allows them to quickly [...]


Why Leading by Example Is the Key to Workplace Wellness

Whether you have expressly stated it or not, team members will look to their manager for cues on how to work. This can include things like the number of hours that they should be working, the level of quality that will be deemed “acceptable,” when it is okay to stay home or [...]


Why Your Next Investment Should Be a “Nap Room”

It has been estimated that nearly one-third of Americans suffer from sleep deprivation, the effects of which can be devastating. To the individual, this can result in lowered memory and cognitive functioning, an increase in stress, plus higher rates of depression and other health risks. For businesses, your employees’ level of sleep [...]


Easy Ways to Manage Stress in the Workplace

Stress costs businesses billions of dollars every year. In fact, up to one-third of workers report feeling high levels of stress. This can have far-reaching effects that touch nearly every aspect of the workplace. Not only does stress lower efficiency and performance levels, but it is also responsible for up to 40% [...]


If You Want to Do More, Try Doing Less

In our last blog post, we went over how – even with all of the fancy productivity apps out there today – the most effective trick might just be good, old fashioned list-making. Technology has actually made us less productive in many instances, a big reason being: we are always connected!  There are far [...]


A Pen and Paper Could Be the Secret to Productivity

Nowadays, there are a seemingly endless number of apps and programs and shortcuts, all designed to help us work more efficiently. By all measures, we should be able to do more in less amount of time. Not only that, but we have the ability to work from anywhere, communicate at any time [...]


Consider These Top Talent Management Tips

Over the past two weeks, we have discussed things that companies can do in order to increase employee retention rates. As we have mentioned previously, this can save a company a substantial amount of money that would otherwise be spent on interviewing and onboarding.  A big way to improve employee retention rates [...]


A Simple Tactic for Decreasing Hiring Costs

All too often, we can focus our time and energy on filling the open positions and forget to give the necessary attention to the dedicated employees currently working for our companies. This is especially true of our top performers. Managers will often begin to take the hard work of employees and their [...]