Hiring Prompt Engineers to Manage the AI Revolution

TIME called prompt engineering “one of the hottest tech jobs” as AI language models like ChatGPT are trending big. A prompt engineer’s job is to write prompts and “feed” them into AI models in order to more effectively train the models to produce useful, accurate output. It’s about figuring out what the [...]


The Future of Hybrid Work and IT Professionals

Over the last few years, the core of how we think about work itself has changed significantly. Among those major shifts has been the overall attitude towards work-from-home and hybrid work, with the hybrid trend attempting to combine the flexibility of WFH with the necessities of on-site presence for some positions. With [...]


Hiring Trends in Today’s Cybersecurity World

Hiring in cybersecurity is always a challenge, but a smart strategy and the right recruiting partner can help your organization. Here’s what should be at the forefront of your mind as your company looks to fill critical roles in IT and cybersecurity. High Demand for Skilled Workers The demand for cybersecurity experts [...]


Cybercriminals Are Increasingly Catching Businesses Off Guard

Cybercriminals aren’t just people hiding in their basements, hacking away at your networks and devices. In fact, that term covers a wide variety of professionals with "business" skills, including those who teach and recruit, handle money laundering, and offer escrow services.


Effective Strategies to Improve Onboarding for Cybersecurity Talent

Sourcing, demand, and effectively hiring cybersecurity professionals remains a challenging practice. However, onboarding new cybersecurity hires plays an integral role in their subsequent performance and success with your company. A well-planned and implemented onboarding process also helps you retain employees for the long haul. In a nutshell, your business should take a [...]


6 Revealing Interview Questions to Ask IT Professionals

When recruiting for IT-specific roles, it is imperative to consider more than the candidate's technical qualifications. Soft skills such as collaboration and initiative, for instance, are often unequivocally essential, as is assessing their analytical skills and their understanding of your end service or product. So, what makes an IT professional a good [...]


Top Cybersecurity Job Trends for 2022

To protect data and reduce cyberattacks, organizations need skilled professionals who can ensure the safety of computer networks and business information. Data is generated and analyzed at a much faster pace than ever before. Moreover, there is a greater-than-ever need to safeguard it since many business processes now depend on the availability [...]


Cybersecurity Employers Prefer Skills Above Degrees

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing industries that offers lucrative employment opportunities, competitive salaries, and unique work environments. And to top it all off, employers in this niche want to hire real talent instead of degrees. According to the Jobs of Tomorrow report by Forum, experts anticipate a quick influx of jobs [...]


Potential Barriers That Keep Women and Minorities from Pursuing Careers in Cybersecurity

There is no denying that tech companies are predominantly male, white, and Asian. The IT industry has yet to accommodate women, people of color, and other marginalized groups in the workplace. This absence of diversity could be attributed to the many barriers that prevent these diverse groups of people from pursuing careers [...]

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