Top Skills in Demand in Cybersecurity

After the Covid-19 pandemic, not only did the global economy experience a sudden and significant downturn, but there was also a definite rise in cyberattacks. As more organizations opted for remote working to limit the spread of the virus, it increased exposure to digital cyber vulnerabilities. Due to the outbreak, there has [...]


Effective Strategies to Improve Onboarding for Cybersecurity Talent

Sourcing, demand, and effectively hiring cybersecurity professionals remains a challenging practice. However, onboarding new cybersecurity hires plays an integral role in their subsequent performance and success with your company. A well-planned and implemented onboarding process also helps you retain employees for the long haul. In a nutshell, your business should take a [...]


Top Cybersecurity Job Trends for 2022

To protect data and reduce cyberattacks, organizations need skilled professionals who can ensure the safety of computer networks and business information. Data is generated and analyzed at a much faster pace than ever before. Moreover, there is a greater-than-ever need to safeguard it since many business processes now depend on the availability [...]


Cybersecurity Employers Prefer Skills Above Degrees

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing industries that offers lucrative employment opportunities, competitive salaries, and unique work environments. And to top it all off, employers in this niche want to hire real talent instead of degrees. According to the Jobs of Tomorrow report by Forum, experts anticipate a quick influx of jobs [...]


Potential Barriers That Keep Women and Minorities from Pursuing Careers in Cybersecurity

There is no denying that tech companies are predominantly male, white, and Asian. The IT industry has yet to accommodate women, people of color, and other marginalized groups in the workplace. This absence of diversity could be attributed to the many barriers that prevent these diverse groups of people from pursuing careers [...]


Strategies For Building A Great Security Team

Cybersecurity is critical for organizations operating in various industries. Unfortunately, research shows that approximately 2,200 cyberattacks per day cause significant reputational and financial damage. Your organization will also be required to invest in security tools and products to ensure effectiveness in risk mitigation. However, before investing in tools, it is essential to [...]


Cybersecurity Isn’t Just About Processes – It’s about Outcomes

Three out of every four construction companies will experience a cyber security incident in the next twelve months. You may think it can’t happen to you because you’re an employee at a building site. It couldn’t happen at your small company because larger companies are more attractive targets. Cybercrime affects employees, companies, [...]


How Top Cybersecurity Firms Are Different from the Rest

Not all cybersecurity firms are created equally. While many have the same goal of protecting a business’s technology infrastructure, some can’t rise to the challenge. Finding the right cybersecurity company to work for may seem complicated because there are many from which to choose. How can you identify the best companies in [...]


Cybersecurity Architect Jobs Are in Very High Demand In 2021

No matter where we look, we are inundated by stories of phishing scams, cybersecurity breaches, internet fraud, and other malign instances plaguing online businesses. As a result, cybercrime is a significant issue these days, giving rise to the prominence of solid cybersecurity practices. Everyone wants to ensure data security, whether a government-based [...]


Where Cyberattacks Come From – It’s Not Just Russia and China

In the previous year, high-profile cyber attacks from China and Russia have incited the United States and western allies to take swift action to encounter the escalating events. The Microsoft Exchange case, SolarWinds spyware access, and other ransomware attacks by criminal mobs dominate headlines compelling state-led responses for cybersecurity. However, it's not always [...]


Businesses Lose Billions Every Year Due to Ransomware

The cybersecurity world faces numerous threats, including ransomware. Experts have long known that ransomware is a significant issue, but recent figures put the extent of the issue in perspective. Specifically, experts predict that by 2031, ransomware will cost businesses over $265 billion worldwide. The Ransomware Prediction The prediction comes from Cybersecurity Ventures. [...]

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